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Raghunaath K Rajan, Ernakulam, Kochi, Kerala | Callnconnect

Raghunaath K Rajan

Opposite Gayathri Kalyana Mandapam |  Edappally |  Ernakulam |  Kerala
Building Biology , Pyramid Vaastu Consultants , ,
We may be skeptical when we hear biology in connection with building.Buildings have energy that will transfer to its occupants.In our daily lives we are constantly exposed to stress from external forces and energies.Why do some businesses fall flat despite perfect planning,why do couples fight it out in their bedroom,why do some houses never turn in to homes? In order to remain well and balanced,we need healthy places and spaces to work,create,rest, and recover .Energy disharmony Stress can be identified with the help of a device known as Lecher Antenna invented by a German Physicist,Earnest Lecher.This Device Lecher Antenna works on energy and will help to identify the kind of energy prevailing in the building,land,or object or even functions of the organs in the human body.Any kind of energy dis harmony or block in the energy flow can be identified with the help of Lecher Antenna which is a device incorporated with Nano Technology.Human body works on energy and there are seven energy centers or charkas in the human body and only when there is a free flow of energy through the charkas /centers a person can be in good health and wellness .Whenever there is a block in the flow of energy in the charkas,problem will arise in the area of blockage and the functions of the organs in that area will be affected, and the person's ease will go and become disease.
2.Vaastu is the universal art of living blissfully inside a built environment. We can reform our surroundings and eliminate the effects of environmental stress and there by improving health & wellness. Vaastu is a practical application of creating balance between environment and man in a space so as to absorb maximum benefits of five elements/Panchaboothas.Vaastu dosha/defects refers to any kind of hurdle or obstacle in the way of cosmic energy flow in the land,building Etc which adversely affect and disturbs:
1.Cosmic energy fields levels 2.Bio energy flow field and force.
This create an uncomfortable environment for the people staying in that place and that disharmony of cosmic energy field or Bio energy forces of a place may be called Vaastu dosha/defect.Disharmony of cosmic energy can also be caused due to Geopathic stress.Geopathic Stress is a geological factor that causes health threatening stress.It is an umbrella word that covers all forms of earth-induced stress.Although it is relatively common more in some places and it is not as common as some people when they move to houses even though there is no additional stress in their life,a feeling of coldness or tension in some rooms of the house or work place.Sometimes a feeling of dread at the thought of going back to work or home after a holiday. In short Geopathic stress manifests itself as a feeling of disease even though there is no apparent reason for stress related illness which should all be taken as warnings about possible Geopathic stress.We have no explanation of its presence,but there is plenty of evidence to show that it exists,but nothing concrete to give as any indication of what people normally use the terms as Negative radiation.Disturbance of the earth such as Construction Of Dams excavation,mining,multistoried buildings can also result in disrupting Harmful Energy.If such Zones are located directly beneath you they can cause a weakened immune system resulting difficulty in sleeping ,exhaustion,anxiety and agitation.
Any kind of energy imbalance Caused for the reasons referred above can be corrected in the core level by fixing Pyramids with appropriate power, strength suitable for the building or land.Pyramids are Tools which are based on Energy Science and have the Technology to receive positive energy from the universe and create positive energy field in the area where it is installed .It can be explained and understood ,if we compare with light overpowering darkness when it is on.By fixing Pyramids any kind of energy stress or imbalance caused by any reason, whether due to Natural Geopathic stress or Man made Geopathic Stress Such as structural defects ,like wrong measurements or wrong location or the materials used to furnish the building.The main advantage of Pyramid Tools are there is no need for demolition or any kind of structural changes in the Building.

Product & Services

Energy Checking with Lecher Antenna and Vasthu Correction without Structural Changes in the building by using Pyramids
Energy healing of Human body and Counselling
Classes for Reiki and Allunement

Contact Details

Address Details

E4, Block A, V.B.Royal Appartments, Edappally P.O., Ernakulam, Cochin-682024 Edappally,Ernakulam,Kerala

Land Mark: Opposite Gayathri Kalyana Mandapam

Contact Person: Mr. Raghunaath K Rajan

Mobile: +91 9249400135 , 8547765296

Phone: +91 4842339889

Email: raghunaathkrajan@gmail.com




Category: Building Biology, Pyramid Vaastu Consultants, ,

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