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Target Cargo Carriers, Ernakulam, Kochi, Kerala | Callnconnect

Target Cargo Carriers

Opp.KRL Main Gate, Ambalamugal |  Ambalamugal |  Ernakulam |  Kerala
Oil Transportation , Tank Truck Contractors , Fleet Owners , Transporters , Chemical Carriers , Bulk Carriers , ,
Fleet Owners & Tank Truck Contractors

Product & Services

Bulk Carriers
Chemical Carriers
Fleet Owners
Tank Truck Contractors
Oil Transportation

Contact Details

Address Details

1/472, Poonath Building, Opp.KRL Main Gate, Ambalamugal, Kochi-682302 Ambalamugal,Ernakulam,Kerala

Land Mark: Opp.KRL Main Gate, Ambalamugal

Mobile: +91 808 606 66 63

Phone: +91 808 606 66 63

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