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Soorya Kitchen Equipment, Ernakulam, Kochi, Kerala | Callnconnect

Soorya Kitchen Equipment

Near Edassery Mansions |  Kaloor |  Ernakulam |  Kerala
Kitchen Equipments , Tilting Wet Grinder , Potato Peeler , Vegetable Cutter , Industrial Mixer , Dough Kneader , Fly Catcher , Milk Boiler , Service Counter , Dosa Plate , Hot Case , Service Trolley , Plate Warmer , Tilting Rice Cooker , Steam Cooking System , Gastronorm Containers , ,
ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company
World Class machines for new age kitchens
Sales and Service of all types of kitchen equipments.
Tilting Wet Grinder all Kerala
Tilting Wet Grinder Kerala
Tilting Wet Grinder Ernakulam
Tilting Wet Grinder Cochin
Tilting Wet Grinder Kochi
Potato Peeler all Kerala
Potato Peeler Kerala
Potato Peeler Ernakulam
Potato Peeler Cochin
Potato Peeler Kochi
Vegetable Cutter all Kerala
Vegetable Cutter Kerala
Vegetable Cutter Ernakulam
Vegetable Cutter Cochin
Vegetable Cutter Kochi
Industrial Mixer all Kerala
Industrial Mixer Kerala
Industrial Mixer Ernakulam
Industrial Mixer Cochin
Industrial Mixer Kochi
Dough Kneader all Kerala
Dough Kneader Kerala
Dough Kneader Ernakulam
Dough Kneader Cochin
Dough Kneader Kochi
Fly Catcher Machine all Kerala
Fly Catcher Machine Kerala
Fly Catcher Machine Ernakulam
Fly Catcher Machine Cochin
Fly Catcher Machine Kochi
Milk Boiler all Kerala
Milk Boiler Kerala
Milk Boiler Ernakulam
Milk Boiler Cochin
Milk Boiler Kochi
Service Counter all Kerala
Service Counter Kerala
Service Counter Ernakulam
Service Counter Cochin
Service Counter Kochi
Dosa Plate all Kerala
Dosa Plate Kerala
Dosa Plate Ernakulam
Dosa Plate Cochin
Dosa Plate Kochi
Hot Case all Kerala
Hot Case Kerala
Hot Case Ernakulam
Hot Case Cochin
Hot Case Kochi
Service Trolley all Kerala
Service Trolley Kerala
Service Trolley Ernakulam
Service Trolley Cochin
Service Trolley Kochi
Tandoori Oven all Kerala
Tandoori Oven Kerala
Tandoori Oven Ernakulam
Tan door Oven Cochin
Tandoori Oven Kochi
Deep Fat Fryer all Kerala
Deep Fat Fryer Kerala
Deep Fat Fryer Ernakulam
Deep Fat Fryer Cochin
Deep Fat Fryer Kochi
SS Rack all Kerala
SS Rack Kerala
SS Rack Ernakulam
SS Rack Cochin
SS Rack Kochi
GN Pans all Kerala
GN Pans Kerala
GN Pans Ernakulam
GN Pans Cochin
GN Pans Kochi
BBQ Grille all Kerala
BBQ Grille Kerala
BBQ Grille Ernakulam
BBQ Grille Cochin
BBQ Grille Kochi

Product & Services

Industrial Kitchen Equipment
Tilting Wet Grinder
Potato Peeler
Vegetable Cutter
Industrial Mixer
Dough Kneader
Fly Catcher Machine
Steem Vessel
Tilting Rice Cooker
Steam Cooking System
Gas Range
Milk Boiler
Service Counter
Idly Steamer
Dosa Plate
Hot Case
Service Trolley
Tanndoor Oven
Deep Fat Fryer
SS Rack
GN Pans
BBQ Griller
Kitchen Sink Unit

Contact Details

Address Details

37/2270 C2, North Palathuruthy, Thammanam Kathrikadavu Road, Kaloor, Cochin-682017 Kaloor,Ernakulam,Kerala

Land Mark: Near Edassery Mansions

Contact Person: Mr. Joy K Paul

Mobile: +91 9388616402 , 7012979155

Phone: +91 4842535110

Email: enquiry@sooryasales.com ,sooryakitchen@ymail.com

Fax: +91 484 2535110

Website: http://www.sooryasales.com


Category: Kitchen Equipments, Tilting Wet Grinder, Potato Peeler, Vegetable Cutter, Industrial Mixer, Dough Kneader, Fly Catcher, Milk Boiler, Service Counter, Dosa Plate, Hot Case, Service Trolley, Plate Warmer, Tilting Rice Cooker, Steam Cooking System, Gastronorm Containers, ,

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