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Coolwin Engineering, Ernakulam, Kochi, Kerala | Callnconnect

Coolwin Engineering

Pullepady Thammanam Road |  Kaloor |  Ernakulam |  Kerala
Cold Storage , Refrigerator , Thermo King Dealer , Truck Temperature Control Systems , Transport Temperature Control System , Air Conditioners , ,
Conditioners and Freezer Vehicle since 1998 and supply of spare parts related to this trade. We do the installation and servicing with or without AMC.
Coolwin Engineering has experience and knowledge in providing international services, which benefits its clients as well as in providing value services throughout their career. We work in along with organizations to improve the class of our service. We will take pride in providing to our customers the best products and services with emphasis on quality and time.

Our Vision is to become indispensable to each client. To provide world-class services & solutions giving value for money to our clients worldwide. To set standards for ourselves so that clients succeed in their projects consistently
We have ultimate assurance in our quality products, reliable services, and expert people
• Baby Marine Exports
• Matsyafed ice and Freezing Plant
• Baby Marine International
• Choice Trading Corporation
• AFDC Ezhupunna
• Cana Warehousing And Supply Solutions, Vytila
• Navya Bakers Ankamaly
• Milma Edapally and Trivandrum
• Police academy Thrissur
• Institute Of Animal Health And Veterinary Biologicals

We Provide
1. Thermoking Truck Refrigeration unit
a. T-Series
b. V-Series
2. Thrmoking Bus a/c unit

a. TK-Cool
3. Genuine Thermo King Parts
4. Services of Thermoking Truck Refrigeration and Bus a/c unit
More about our work

1) Truck refrigeration work
A) T-Series

Thermo King’s new T-Series is the result of years of R&D and exhaustive testing. Built on the proven reliability of the TS and MD product ranges, the T-Series sets new industry standards for reliability, performance and efficiency.

The range has been specially developed to exceed your customers’ expectations when it comes to truck refrigeration. The T-Series delivers greater capacities at lower operating speeds and allows for precise temperature control. Low operation and maintenance costs, as well as fuel saving technologies, make sure you save money throughout your unit’s life cycle. Easy system operation reduces the risk of user errors, while easy service and monitoring allow the unit to run at optimum efficiency at all times. The T-Series also sets new standards when it comes to the reduction of emissions, waste and noise pollution, offering unmatched performance with minimal environmental impact. Whatever your application and needs, the T-Series is available in a complete range of capacities, making it the perfect fit for all your transportation requirements.

Product Models:
• With standard controller: T-600M, T-800M, T-1000M
B) V-Series
Refrigerating units of the V series are highly efficient units, designed to maintain the temperature of cooled, refrigerated, or deep-frozen products in cargo vans in the distribution sector. Their electronic controllers are installed in an easily accessible location to enable easy operation of the unit and temperature check without the need to leave the driver’s cabin.
The compressor of the unit is installed in the vehicle’s bonnet with a mounting grip and the drive is transmitted using a V-belt or a multi-groove belt and an electromagnetic coupling. In order to extend the service life of the compressor, it is equipped with a Jet Lube system (which enhances lubrication) and a Jet Cool system (which injects a liquid cooling agent).
In order to enlarge the cargo space, V series units are equipped with an ultra-thin evaporator installed on the ceiling inside the vehicle body. The evaporator is located on the front side or the roof of the vehicle body.
As a standard, the refrigerating unit is supplied from the vehicle’s motor. As an option, it can be provided with electrical power supply (400 V/230 V) and a heating function.
• V 100, V 100 MAX
• V 200, V 200 MAX
• V 300, V 300 MAX
• V 500, V 500 MAX
• V 600 MAX
• V 800, V 800 MAX
There are two versions of the V series refrigerating units:
• 10 – units supplied from the vehicle’s motor;
• 20 - units with a dual power supply – from the vehicle’s motor and from the electric system (400 V/230 V);
2)Buses a/c unit

- TK-Cool
No matter where your drivers and passengers travel, they should enjoy reliable comfort. Thermo King solutions make maintaining ideal cabin conditions easy and efficient. Because we build comfort to go inside, wherever your vehicles travel in the outside world, even in the most severe climates, passengers feel at ease.
Thermo King’s new TK-COOL Series can be widely applied for light, medium and large buses and coaches. It is designed to offer extraordinary performance, with high reliability and a lightweight design, delivering outstanding value for operators.
TK-COOL family:
• CS-1000
• CS-1100
• CS-1200
• CF-500
• CF-800
• CF-900
• CF-1000
3) Genuine Thermo King Parts
The best replacement is the original.
When replacing parts always choose the solution that is tried and tested to the same high standards of safety and performance as every other original part of your Thermo King unit.
Thermo King parts are designed specifically for the extreme demands of truck and trailer temperature control applications. Our investment in quality and reliability delivers longer life parts and increased service intervals keeping you on the move and minimizing overall operating costs.
The best way to ensure that your Thermo King unit remains in top condition and cost effective to operate, is to keep it 100% Thermo King by using genuine parts and service every time.
In the over 70 years since Thermo King developed the first refrigeration unit, our engineers and technicians have learned a lot of ‘tips’ that will help you keep your units running smoothly.
4) Services of Thermoking Truck Refrigeration and Bus a/c unit

The years of work experience and exposure of Coolwin Engineering project managers and team leaders are liberally shared by the professionally committed and motivated team. In effect clients get the benefit of the leaders' experience multiplied by the number of team members who work on their projects. The average experience level of the top 40% of the staff is over seven (7) years. 15% are always fresh talented
Our people and the market-leading brand work together to enhance the quality and comfort of air in transport and protect food and perishables, and increase industrial productivity and efficiency. We are committed to sustainable business practices within our company and for our customers, helping them improve quality of life and the health of our environment around the world.
Thermo King Dealer Kerala
Thermo King Dealer Ernakulam
Thermo King Dealer Cochin
Thermo King Dealer Kochi

Product & Services

Air Conditioners
Transport Temperature Control System
Truck Temperature Control Systems
Thermo King Dealer
Cold Storage

Contact Details

Address Details

36/446, Pullepady Thammanam Road, Kaloor, Kochi - 682017 Kaloor,Ernakulam,Kerala

Land Mark: Pullepady Thammanam Road

Contact Person: Miss. Sini Francis

Mobile: +91 9447743341 , 9447183139

Phone: +91 484 2343341

Email: coolwin@eth.net ,coolwine1@gmail.com

Fax: +91 484 2343341

Website: http://www.thermoking.com


Category: Cold Storage, Refrigerator, Thermo King Dealer, Truck Temperature Control Systems, Transport Temperature Control System, Air Conditioners, ,

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